Brandy Mitchell, shares her experience with Kansas Children’s Service League (KCSL)
Posted on Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Thank you, Brandy Mitchell, for sharing your personal story about your experience with Kansas Children’s Service League (KCSL), one of the three agencies our club made a $250 donation to at Christmas.

“Shawn (Brandy and Dustin Mitchell’s nephew) came to us the Tuesday before Halloween.  He had been living with his father who had dropped him at his grandparent's doorstep, saying he did not want him any longer and not to send him back. Shawn was shuffled to another grandparent; however, neither grandparent was able to offer the care and attention Shawn required for a struggling teenage boy who had been abandoned.

They agreed to take Shawn to a police station where he would be received as abandoned. Brandy and her husband, Dustin, stepped in, wanting to keep him out of the children’s home and the state’s foster-care system. Brandy has been a United Way volunteer and knew of the agency, KCSL and about some of the services offered. She turned to them for help.

“We had to have legal custody of our nephew. KCSL put us in touch with a family law attorney who immediately helped us file for temporary guardianship. The court granted it within a day,” Brandy said. The attorney fees were also discounted because the Mitchells were working through KCSL. And KCSL provided the Mitchells’ nephew with a bag of items for his new home – a set of earphones, new twin sheets, new bath towels and some other items he could claim as his own.

Our club donated $250 this Christmas to KCSL to help with situations such as Brandy and her husband experienced. There are more and more families going through difficult times, especially now with the pandemic. Next time the “Joker Pot” comes around, consider playing. It is more than a game; it provides resources to charitable causes in our community like KCSL, TOPS and Saint Francis Ministries who are working with families to insure our children grow up in safe environments.